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Our last OFSTED Inspection was on the 6th June 2013.
You can see a summary of the inspectors' findings here or follow the link below to view the complete report.

Prior to this, we were inspected on 26th January 2010, when we were also rated as Outstanding. To view the 2010 report, click this link.

The quality and standards of the early years provision

This provision is outstanding

• Children can be active, independent learners in the excellent learning environment.
• All staff have an exemplary commitment to meeting the individual needs of children, including those with children with additional needs. As a result, children thrive.
• Staff have an extremely sharp focus on assessment and planning which facilitates the progress of children, including those who are gifted and talented.
• Staff build extremely strong partnerships with parents and other agencies which means that children enjoy exemplary support for all their learning and welfare needs.
• Leaders and managers have very clear aims and objectives, placing the child at the heart of everything they do.

How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend

Staff have an excellent understanding of how children learn and develop. They have highly effective methods for providing a wide range of varied and interesting activities for children which cover all aspects of each area of learning.

Staff get to know the individual children extremely well, their learning styles and interests, and use this information to shape the care and support given to each child.

Staff are extremely skilled teachers. They use the excellent resources in skilful ways to create enticing activities.

Children make excellent progress with their reading skills as staff are very skilled at reinforcing letter sounds and significant letters.

Children show mature skills in writing and also in mathematics. Staff are very skilled at modelling problem-solving by thinking aloud and as a result, children can work things out for themselves.

The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children

Staff have an exemplary key person system. Children stay with the same key person throughout their time in the nursery. This means that, as they grow, the child builds a strong relationship with the key person and parents also develop a strong partnership.

Children clearly feel very well settled and secure with a great sense of belonging and ownership.

Staff have created an excellent learning environment where children can be exceptionally independent.

Children greatly benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Children chat about their favourite foods and understand what is healthy.

Children's behaviour is extremely good. They build strong friendships and develop a strong sense of community as they enjoy playing in large groups.

Staff prepare children well for school. They organise interesting adult-led activities which help children to engage in learning. Children have excellent self-care and communication skills which prepares them well for the next stage of their learning.

The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision

The leaders and managers of this setting have an inspirational commitment to meeting the individual needs of the children in their care.
Staff share this vision and work in highly effective ways to support children's welfare and development.

Children's safety is of paramount importance and staff are vigilant to ensure that only authorised people gain entry to the building.

Staff use highly effective risk assessments to minimise hazards while still helping children to take personal risks and challenges.

Leaders and managers are highly qualified and experienced, and work alongside staff in all aspects of the childcare.

Parents have exemplary opportunities to be involved in the provision. Their contributions to the learning journals are highly valued and staff are available to talk to parents at any time.

Parents are very complimentary about the exceptional care taken by staff to meet the needs of children.

Staff have very close relationships with receiving schools to support children in their transfer to the next stage in their learning. This helps to maintain children's confidence in learning as an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our OFSTED report in full

Our new report is now available on the OFSTED website.
Click here to view the full report on the OFSTED website.