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In 2010, OFSTED rated us as Outstanding

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Our first OFSTED Inspection was on the 26th January 2010.
You can see a summary of the inspectors' findings here or follow the link below to view the complete report.

Our most recent OFSTED Inspection was on the 6th June 2013 when we were again rated as outstanding.
You can see a our most recent report here.

The overall effectiveness of the early years provision

Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding

Children enjoy a wealth of stimulating, challenging activities and experiences and are making excellent progress in their learning and development towards the early learning goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Each child's individuality is recognised and nurtured by all staff, who have a secure knowledge of their family and home circumstances, individual needs, interests and abilities.
The organisation of the nursery is exceptional. Robust and consistent reflective practice and evaluation techniques ensure all children thrive and the nursery has an outstanding capacity to ensure their continuous development.

The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision

Staff fully understand their responsibilities to safeguard children's welfare and all of them have attended training in this area.

Robust recruitment and vetting procedures are in place, and rigorous risk assessments help to ensure children's safety and welfare is of paramount importance.

The manager of the nursery is a true inspiration. The passion she has for her work wholeheartedly motivates her team, who all show a clear sense of purpose and an extreme commitment to offering an exceptionally inclusive environment for all children.

Through complex systems, the success of children's development in all areas of learning is being monitored and evaluated. The management address areas they consider need further awareness quickly, ensuring they have a positive impact on the children's learning opportunities.

The nursery demonstrates an extremely effective partnership with parents and carers and many outside agencies to fully promote the well-being of all children.

Parents are very complimentary of the nursery, and love the friendliness of the staff, the homely environment and feeling so involved with their children's learning and development.

All children and families are valued and appreciated by staff who are proactive in ensuring the nursery environment is inclusive for all. Staff work with parents of children who speak English as an additional language, to highlight key words in their home language to help give the children an important sense of belonging.
Makaton is widely used and helps all children and staff to communicate effectively.
Due to the fact staff know children so well, their differing abilities are easily catered for within the educational programme, meaning all children flourish at the nursery.

The quality and standards of the early years provision
and outcomes for children

All of the children are active, inquisitive learners who thrive in all areas of learning and development. They demonstrate that they are very happy, confident and safe within the environment.
Staff place the happiness and welfare of the children at the heart of everything they do, as well as encouraging the children to play their own dynamic role within the nursery.

Staff have an excellent understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the key worker and grouping systems in place help support children to achieve excellent outcomes. Children make extremely good progress towards the early learning goals.

Planning is of a high quality, using these observations, feedback from children, including what children say about their interests, and information obtained from parents and carers about children's starting points.

...each child receives an enjoyable and challenging experience across the areas of learning. This, along with the staff's dedication, enthusiasm, praise and encouragement, help the children make excellent progress.

Children have access to all areas of the nursery throughout the day. The imaginative use of space and storage of equipment allows children to continually make choices for themselves as they become independent learners thus promoting their confidence and increasing their self-motivation.

The staff set up areas with consideration to the presentation, making everything look exciting and stimulatin to the children.

Staff constantly but genuinely praise children for good things, noticing only the positives, making children feel good about themselves.
Children are able to recognise achievements of others and suggest who deserves a sticker for good behaviour and why.
They are constantly polite, thoughtful and well-behaved; automatically saying sorry to one another if they bump into each other, or helping each other to get back up if they fall down whilst dancing.

The entire nursery comes together for group games such as 'hiding the bone' throughout the day, where children demonstrate high levels of self control regarding turn-taking and get much enjoyment from the experiences that cover many aspects of learning. Group dancing is also enjoyed by all and the children squeal with delight as they dance with their friends and staff to pop music.

Children enjoy using the computers that are freely accessible and demonstrate excellent mouse control. They help each other to complete the educational games available and patiently take turns. Children speak with a great deal of confidence, expressing themselves in a mature way and indicating that their views are regularly listened to. They demonstrate outstanding progress in developing the skills that will help them in the future.

Children have an excellent understanding of keeping themselves healthy and activities and experiences around the nursery help to ensure this remains of paramount importance. Children brush thier teeth after lunch and wash their hands at every appropriate opportunity throughout the day. Fresh fruit is always available and role play areas such as shops are set up, using real fruit and vegetables that the children are able to 'purchase'. Once activities like this are over, children help to make a soup using all of the items from their shop.

Children demonstrate a strong sense of security and understand issues relating to safety. They are very confident and self-assured in the nursery, including babies who separate from parents with ease and eagerly join in during group times.

Overall, the outcomes for children are excellent.

Our OFSTED report assessment summary

We scored a Grade 1 (Outstanding) for EVERY one of the 17 assessmennt criteria (see the table below).
This is truly exceptional and demonstrates the quality of our work, our level of commitment and our professional standards.

The key inspection judgements and what they mean
Grade 1 is Outstanding:
This aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality
The overall effectiveness of the early years provision
How well does the setting meet the needs of the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage?1
The capacity of the provision to maintain continuous improvement?1
The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision
How effectively is the Early Years Foundation Stage led and managed?1
The effectiveness of leadership and management in embedding ambition and driving improvement1
The effectiveness with which the setting deploys resources1
The effectiveness with which the setting promotes equality and diversity1
The effectiveness of safeguarding1
The effectiveness of the setting's self-evaluation, including the steps taken to promote improvement1
The effectiveness of partnerships1
The effectiveness of the setting's engagement with parents and carers1
The quality of the provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage
The quality of the provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage1
Outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage
Outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage1
The extent to which children achieve and enjoy their learning1
The extent to which children feel safe1
The extent to which children adopt healthy lifestyles1
The extent to which children make a positive contribution1
The extent to which children develop skills for the future1

Our OFSTED report in full

Our new report is now available on the OFSTED website.
Click here to view the full report on the OFSTED website.